Eco-Friendly Packaging

With climate change and sustainable practices garnering more attention in recent years, more businesses and customers are looking to make smarter decisions about their purchases – ensuring they leave as little ecological footprint as possible.

This means that for business owners, switching to eco-friendly packaging options for their products may be a well worthy investment that can bring in a range of great benefits.

Among them, here are just 5 reasons why businesses should use eco-friendly packaging:


Allow your business to showcase ethical and sustainable practices to your consumers using Biogone’s range of landfill biodegradable packaging products.


Convenient Disposal Without Harsh Environmental Consequences

Traditional, single-use, disposable plastic bags offer convenience for businesses and consumers but yield detrimental results for the environment over time. But with alternatives such as Biogone’s landfill biodegradable plastic products, not only will you have the robustness and versatility of a traditional plastic bag, but you’ll rest easy knowing these products biodegrade 100% in landfills.

Attract More Customers

More and more consumers are becoming eco-conscious about the products they’re purchasing. By incorporating more sustainable packaging into your business, you’ll open up your customer base to target people who are looking to only shop sustainability.

Just like how many consumers are warned to not order plastic straws with drinks, we are going to see a clear shift in the coming years towards pushing businesses to have more eco-friendly and more sustainable practices when delivering their products and services.

Customers appreciate more sustainable business practices, and are likely to talk about it to their family, friends, and even online. Your business could easily be opened up to a wider network of potential customers when you make the switch to more eco-friendly packaging options.


Biogone founders Ross & Ramona Headifen and John Mancarella, have been supplying environmental equipment for more than 20 years to the groundwater, and contaminated land related industries in Australia.


Improve Your Brand Image

People are becoming more aware of unethical and environmentally harmful business practices. From complaints to boycotts, it’s clear that customers want to make more positive contributions through their purchasing decisions.

By using landfill biodegradable and more eco-friendly packaging products for your business, you’ll have consumers viewing your brand in a more favourable light. Eco-conscious consumers are able to feel good about purchasing from your business, which helps them become loyal, long term customers.

Wide Range of More Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

At Biogone, we’ve created landfill biodegradable and more sustainable alternatives to some of the most popular single-use plastics used in businesses. From garbage bags and bin lins, to tapes, wrapping, sticks, zip lock bags and more, we supply 100% landfill biodegradable options that your business can start using today.


Biogone’s landfill biodegradable products break down 100% in landfills within just a few years – compared to traditional plastics that take up to hundreds of years to break down. 


Environmental Benefits

Lastly, an aspect we cannot possibly overlook when making the switch to more eco-friendly packaging for your business is the huge environmental benefits you’d be contributing to. As a business owner, your most important priority is keeping the business afloat with enough money in the bank, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to resort to cheap traditional plastics to run your business. There are plenty of affordable and more eco-friendly packaging products that offer long term benefits to the environment.

Shop at Biogone today or call us for any questions you may have about our products. At Biogone, we supply landfill biodegradable and more sustainable alternatives to many traditional plastics. Get in touch to see how we can help your business adopt easy and more sustainable practices.