This shows the market for low-quality, poorly sorted recycling, which Australia has previously offloaded to China and other Southeast Asian countries, is ending.

Unless we improve our recycling industry, we must start sending more recyclable material to landfill – as is happening now in some Victoria councils.

This is where the Biogone technology can come into play.  If the plastics were made with Biogone technology at the outset then any low grade waste could be sent to landfill and it would biodegrade away over time.  This would be a large step forward in the treatment of plastic waste.    Plus the biogas could be captured and used to make green energy.  Another big advantage we are currently losing out on.  So the current plan for the next 5 years could be keep making plastic and dumping it to landfills to last for 100s of years, or make it with Biogone technology, let the plastic biodegrade way and turn it into energy.   Which is a better economic plan?