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Microplastic pollution may be having a devastating impact on mites, springworms, ringtails and other microscopic organisms which live in soil. Although these tiny creatures are all but invisible to the naked eye, they play a crucial role in processing elements like carbon and nitrogen, as well as breaking down organic matter so that it can be consumed by soil-dwelling bacteria.

In a first-of-its-kind experiment from China, researchers demonstrated that high concentrations of plastic could decimate the populations of these kinds of soil species, thus negatively affecting the fertility of the land. The findings of the study are just one more reason – as if another was needed – for the human race to curb its damaging addiction to plastic and improve disposal habits of the ubiquitous material.

Further support that biodegradable plastics such as BioGone’s are far better for the earth and its microorganisms.  BioGone’s materials are broken down and do not remain as microplastics.