Biodegradable Plastics

‘Biodegradable’ means something that decomposes through the actions of microorganisms like bacteria or fungi, producing a more environmentally-friendly end product. Biogone biodegradable plastic is not the same as other degradable plastic because it will not biodegrade unless exposed to a microbe-rich landfill, unlike traditional plastic which takes hundreds of years.

Landfill-Biodegradable Plastics


Biogone supplies a range of high quality landfill-biodegradable bags. Plastic waste is a widespread problem that has harmful effects on the environment. We incorporate a special additive during manufacture that makes our disposal plastics biodegrade into organic matter when disposed of into a landfill.

The result is a range of landfill-biodegradable products that fully break down over a few years. There are no shelf life issues as they’ll only break down when disposed of into a landfill. If you are looking to be more plastic responsible, our Biogone’s range offers a great starting point.

If you use plastic bags at home and especially in the kitchen, please browse our range of landfill-biodegradable shopping bags and bin liners which are available in a range of sizes. Our biodegradable plastics are a more environmentally-friendly alternative compared to traditional plastics.

As with the other products that we offer, our landfill-biodegradable bags and bin liners can be recycled with other soft plastics. The additive we use does not affect the recycling process. Shop our online store today or get in touch if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to provide more information about any of our landfill-biodegradable products.


Biogone has a selection of high quality landfill-biodegradable products. Shop our online store for eco friendly bags and bin liners.


Benefits of Using Biodegradable Plastic Bags


The benefits of Biogone biodegradable plastic bags include the time they take to decompose in a landfill. They can also be reused and recycled with other soft plastics, since the additive used does not affect the recycling process.


Australian Suppliers of Manufactured Biodegradable Plastics


Biogne is the leading supplier of landfill-biodegradable plastic products with an ever increasing range of items. The products are manufactured by Fieldtech Solutions one of Australia's leading  biodegradable plastic companies which has developed a more sustainable solution to plastic waste pollution. Biogone supplies common disposable plastic items that will fully biodegrade over a few years in a landfill.


How Our Biodegradable Plastics Break Down


Landfill-biodegradable plastics are made by adding an organic patented compound to traditional plastic. The biodegradation starts when the plastic is exposed to a landfill rich in microbes that digest both the additive and the plastic. The microbes secrete enzymes which cause the plastic polymer molecules to break down into shorter digestible chains.


If you prefer quality products and also care about how our consumption habits are destroying our environment, we invite you to try the Biogone range of landfill-biodegradable products.


Our Range of Biodegradable Plastic Products


Biogone’s range includes a world-first landfill-biodegradable doggie waste bag. There's also biodegradable packaging, bin liners, stretch film, packing tape, strapping, straws, biodegradable ziplock bags, and self adhesive envelopes. Also clear dry cleaning clothing bags, nitrile gloves and re-usable dishwashing gloves .You can also buy biodegradable antibacterial hand sanitiser gel and plastic jars.


Buy Biodegradable Plastic Bags Today


Consumers often feel overwhelmed by the plastic waste produced worldwide and feel they can’t make a difference. But  every little helps, so simply switching from the plastic bags provided by shops or even the thick plastic ones supposedly reused but which also end up forever in landfill, why not buy biodegradable plastic bags from Biogone?


Biogone offers an extensive selection of landfill-biodegradable products from waste bags to bin liners and produce bags. Purchase our landfill-biodegradable bags from our online store or reach out to our team today.