Dog Bags & Related

At Biogone, we supply high quality landfill-biodegradable dog waste bags. Not only are the landfill-biodegradable, they are also made with 50% recycled plastic. Offering responsibility and sustainability in one bag. We also have dispensers to suit large council size rolls of bags or the small portable mini rolls take your friend walking. Plus other related products such as shock reducing dog leads.

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    Biogone 1.2m Bungee Leash Dog

    $25.00 ex GST

    Biogone Combo Pack Special

    $14.70$36.85 ex GST

    Discounted Rolls of Dog Bags – ” Seconds ” Bag of 10 Rolls

    $10.00 ex GST

    Dog Bag Roll Dispenser (Dog Bone)

    $7.70 ex GST

    Dog Waste Bags for Post Mounted Roll Dispenser

    $19.80$270.00 ex GST

    Dog Waste Bags Small Roll

    $2.20$44.00 ex GST

    Dog Waste Bags, Pack of 4 or 8 Mini Rolls

    $8.50$16.95 ex GST
    Dog waste Bags dispenser

    Soft Carry Pouch for Mini Dog Bag Rolls

    $9.95 ex GST