More Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Biogone supplies quality packaging for businesses that want to be more plastic responsible. Traditional plastics take hundreds of years to fully break down. We use a special additive in our disposable merchandise which makes them biodegrade over a few years in a landfill. Our packaging products that are more eco friendly than standard plastics can be recycled with other soft plastic and the patented additive we use has no impact on the recycling process. Show your customers that your business is taking steps to minimise its plastic waste output.

All of our commodities are designed to fully biodegrade over a few years in a landfill. Shop online today for more eco-friendly packaging, or get in touch with our team. Discounts are available for bulk purchases.


Biogone supplies quality more eco-friendly product packaging that is perfectly suited for commercial and industrial use where a green option is preferred.


Better More Eco Packaging


Plastic packaging enables businesses to securely wrap and protect their goods during transport. But the use of traditional plastics contributes to the already massive accumulation of non-landfill biodegradable plastic waste that ends up in Australia’s tips each year.

Recognising the need to address this problem, we have developed an additive that enables our disposable plastics to decompose up to 95% faster than traditional plastics when disposed of in a landfill.

Shop our online for quality wholesale packaging Australia-wide at Biogone. Our range of landfill-biodegradable packaging consumables include packing tape, stretch film, pallet caps, self adhesive envelopes, zip lock bags, and more.

We also have self adhesive sticker labels so you can let your customers know the packaging material your business uses is landfill-biodegradable. Buy from our online store today or get in touch for more details.


Shop more eco packaging solutions that are more eco friendly from our online store and get a discount when you buy in larger quantities.


Buy More Eco Friendly Packaging at Discounted Wholesale Prices


Everyone knows that when you buy at wholesale prices it means cost savings, and at Biogone that couldn't be more true. Shops usually offer cheaper prices and discounts per unit when you purchase a higher quantity and Biogone is no different.

For example, you can buy our packaging materials that are more eco friendly such as packing tape hand rolls from just $2.80 or a pack of 36 for just $98.80. This tape is totally eaten away by microorganisms when disposed of in a landfill and they are recyclable with other soft plastics. Buy 100 metres of bubble wrap for just $34.80 or 100 mailing satchels from $18.80 for 1kg bags, to a 5kg carton for $36 , to name just a few of the many discounted wholesale-priced items.


Providing Convenient & More Environmentally Friendly Packaging Alternatives


Biogone supplies packaging that is more eco-friendly compared to traditional plastics. Biogone plastics can still be disposed of in bins and end up in landfills adding to waste, however, ours will not sit there for hundreds of years without decomposing. Biogone plastic decomposes after a few years in a microbe-rich rubbish tip.


Biogone supplies quality disposable plastic packaging products that are perfect for commercial use. Take steps to be more plastic responsible with your business today. Shop our online store or get in touch and our team will be happy to answer any of your questions.