Biodegradable Garbage Bags & Bin Liners

We all use a lot of plastic bags at work, at home and especially in the kitchen. At BioGone we supply high quality range of landfill-biodegradable bags. Bags for 120 and 240 L wheelie bins, bags for small (10 L), medium (27 L) and larger (75 L) kitchen waste/rubbish bins. For produce stores looking for that extra environmental edge, we have a range of clear Landfill-biodegradable branded produce bags. Now you can make your home or work place more plastic responsible.

BioGone offers a range of biodegradable garbage bags and bin liners. Plastic takes years to fully break down. We use a patented additive in our products which makes them decompose much faster in a landfill than other types of plastic waste. We have biodegradable garbage bags for 120 and 240L wheelie bins as well as bags for small (10L), medium (27L), and large (75L) kitchen waste bins. These are a more environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic bags. So you can make your home more plastic responsible. Shop our online store for landfill-biodegradable garbage bags or get in touch with us.

BioGone is committed to providing quality landfill-biodegradable plastic products. Shop from our online store for biodegradable garbage bags and bin liners.


Biodegradable Garbage Bags

BioGone recognises the harmful effects that disposable plastics have on the environment. To help address this problem, we developed biodegradable garbage bags that contain a special additive that helps them break down faster in landfills. Our biodegradable rubbish bags are available in different sizes so they can be used in your home or at the office. 

Reduce your plastic waste with our landfill-biodegradable garbage bags. These are designed to break down faster than single use plastics.


Compostable Bin Liners?

Compostable bin liners (commercially compostable) are another type of biodegradable plastic that are made of natural plant starch but they have several limitations. For the bags to biodegrade they need to go to a commercial compost facility where the conditions such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen can be controlled. If they don’t meet certain conditions, the plastic won’t biodegrade. There are also very few compost facilities in Australia. For these reasons, we don’t use commercial compostable plastics but we do have a selection of landfill-biodegradable, and 'Home Compostable' bin liners that you can buy here.

Home Compostable Bin Liners?

BioGone now stocks Home Compostable Bin Liners. 'Home Compostable' plastics are different to 'Compostable'. As the name suggests they will biodegrade in a home compost, and they will also biodegrade in a landfill. Home Compostable bags are made from plant material rather than fossil fuels, which is attractive to many people trying to limit their use of fossil fuels. Biogone home compostable bags are also made to Australian/NZ standard AS5180 for Home Compost.

At BioGone, we go to great lengths to ensure our products are completely biodegradable.


Biodegradable Rubbish Bags

If you are looking for biodegradable rubbish bags for your kitchen, we have exactly what you are looking for. We offer a selection of quality rubbish bags that only biodegrade when disposed in a landfill. That means our bags have no shelf life issues and won’t expire even when you store them for long periods. 

BioGone makes it easy to purchase biodegradable rubbish bags in different sizes from our online store.


Biodegradable Trash Bags

BioGone offers a selection of biodegradable trash bags that are more environmentally friendly alternatives to single use plastics. We use a special additive that enables our trash bags to decompose in a landfill much faster than traditional plastics. Buy biodegradable trash bags in the size you need directly from our online store. 

BioGone supplies quality landfill-biodegradable plastics including garbage bags and bin liners. Our additives do not affect the recycling process.

 BioGone offers a wide selection of biodegradable plastic products which are designed to completely biodegrade in a landfill. Shop our online store or get in touch with our team today. We would love to hear from you.