More Sustainable Packaging

Biogone offers a range of high-quality packaging stock that fully biodegrades into organic material when disposed of in a landfill, making them more sustainable than similar non-biodegradable products. We’ve developed a special additive that enables our disposable products to biodegrade much faster in a landfill than other types of plastic waste.

Let your customers know that your business cares about the environment by being more plastic responsible. Our range of landfill-biodegradable packaging items include recyclable trash bags, packing tape, stretch film, bundling wrap, pallet caps, and more. These are more environmentally friendly alternatives to single use plastic wraps that many other companies use.

Shop for more sustainable products online in our store today and buy biodegradable packaging merchandise made in Australia. You can also get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help.


Browse our online store for quality biodegradable and more sustainable packaging range – from packing tape to wrap rolls and more.


More Sustainable Plastic Bags


Biogone supplies landfill-biodegradable, recyclable garbage bags and other items that are suitable for home and office use, making them more sustainable than non-biodegradable bags. Whether you are looking for small bin liner bags for the kitchen or produce bags to take on your next trip to the grocery store, we have just what you need.

We even supply quality biodegradable dog waste bags so you can be a more responsible pet owner. All of our products are landfill-biodegradable. Shop our online store for a range of quality landfill-biodegradable plastic bag products at great prices, and add sustainability to your home & work place. We offer discounts for quantity purchases.


Make your home or office more sustainable with our landfill-biodegradable plastic bag products. Buy more sustainable products online from our store today.


More Sustainable Garbage Bags


Traditional single use plastics take hundreds of years to break down in landfills which results in plastic waste accumulating year after year. To address this growing problem, we supply a range of quality recyclable garbage bags and bin liners that are landfill-biodegradable, and more sustainable. Use our more eco-friendly garbage bags at home or even in the office.

Our bags are available in different sizes so you can find the right one for your wheelie bin or kitchen waste bin. Purchase our more environmentally friendly and landfill-biodegradable plastic bags from our online store or get in touch if you have any questions. Discounts are available for bulk purchases.


High Quality Recyclable Packaging


Biogone supplies high quality recyclable packaging for food and other uses that are more sustainable than traditional plastics. Our types of more sustainable packaging will decompose in a microbe-rich landfill, so by buying and using them, you will be making a difference to the global problem of plastic waste.

The biodegradable products, including the biodegradable plastic shopping bags we supply, are as strong as the traditional bags and wraps etc. and unless they are sent to a healthy microbe-laden landfill site, they will not decompose which means they have a long shelf life.


Biogone has an extensive selection of more sustainable packaging, bags, gloves, and more, to meet all sorts of different purposes.


Make Convenient & More Sustainable Choices With Biogone’s Landfill-biodegradable Plastic Alternatives


Today, it’s estimated that about 90% of plastic waste goes to landfills, so it makes sense that these are the places where plastic items should be designed to biodegrade or decompose. One of the problems faced by environmentalists is relying only on changing  consumers' ingrained buying and disposal habits when it comes to their plastic waste. That’s why Biogone came up with the answer and incorporates an additive that makes our products landfill-biodegradable.

If consumers put their landfill-biodegradable garbage bags and other Biogone plastic products into a bin that goes to landfill, they are helping the environment because the plastic waste will not sit there for hundreds of years.

Another reason why these plastics are a more sustainable choice is that there are no shelf-life problems because the plastic will only biodegrade when disposed of into a landfill. They can also practice plastic bag recycling with other soft plastics.


Biogone supplies quality biodegradable plastic products including more sustainable packaging for commercial use to garbage bin liners and bags for home use. Buy more sustainable products online from our Biogone website or get in touch with our team.