• Landfill Biodegradable dog bags 200 mm wide x 300 mm tall
  • These plastic bags will be completely eaten away by natural microorganisms after disposal to a landfill, allowing the contents inside to breakdown
  • Recyclable. As with all our landfill-biodegradable products, they can be recycled with other soft plastics. Our additive does not affect the recycling process.
  • New and improved quality bags.
  • Now with cardboard core.
  • Pack of 4 or 8 rolls of 20 bags in a convenient pack.
  • We will be shipping  our brand new and improved dog rolls in the older style yellow packaging until we run out of stock.
For added convenience when you are out and about, why not grab a great little dog bag roll dispenser which can attach to any leash or belt loop. They are a fun dog bone design and are landfill-biodegradable too. Green colour.