Biodegradable Cotta Seedling Pots, 105mm

From: $7.50

Seedling Pots

  • Now your old plastic seedling pots will biodegrade away when disposed to a landfill.
  • Available individually or as a carton lot at a bulk price discount.
  • “Biodegradable” printed on each pot.
  • Earth tone Terra Cotta colour.
  • 105 mm diameter
  • Various quantities available.


Part Number
BGTP105-10  Pack of 10, Seedling Pot, Landfill biodegradable, cotta, 105mm diam x 85mm high
BGTP105-50 Pack of 50 , Seedling Pot, Landfill biodegradable, cotta, 105mm diam x 85mm high
BGTP105-CTN Carton of 1200, Seedling Pot, Landfill biodegradable, cotta, 105mm diam x 85mm high

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Seedling Pot Size

Carton of 1200, 105mm Seedling Pots ($0.41 ea), Pack of 10, 105mm Seedling Pots ($0.75 ea), Pack of 50, 105mm Seedling Pots ($0.60 ea)



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Best 105mm Biodegradable Seedling Pots Australia


Plant nurseries, consumers and gardeners all benefit by considering the environment when they buy seedlings or pot them in biodegradable seedling pots. Businesses have to consider customer satisfaction and profits while also thinking about ethics and stewardship of the planet. But these non-biodegradable plastic seedling pots have become an environmental hazard.


And who doesn’t have those small traditional plastic pots stashed away in the garden shed taking up space in case they need them one day? The trouble is they may take 100 years to biodegrade in a landfill. However, Biogone now manufactures 105mm biodegradable cotta seedling pots that are environmentally-friendly.


Biogone biodegradable cotta seedling pots and more responsible packaging products were developed by FieldTech Solutions. This company was founded by Ross and Ramona Headifen and John Mancarella, eco conscious people who have supplied environmentally friendly equipment for over 20 years to Australian groundwater, and contaminated land-related industries.


Buy 105mm Seedling Plant Pots at Biogone Today


Biogone’s new range of biodegradable pots are made from landfill biodegradable plastic, so you can safely buy plants that are potted by a nursery using these pots, or pot your own seedings. These cotta biodegradable plant pots are 105mm in diameter and stamped ‘Biodegradable’. The biodegradable seed starter pots are a terracotta earth tone colour, and you can buy from one to a carton lot at a bulk price discount.


These are the best biodegradable seedling pots available. The pots are great for home gardeners, and nurseries don’t have to revert to bare rooting, balling and burlapping plants to keep them moist – impossible for tiny seedlings which once had to be sold in more expensive earthenware terracotta pots.