Biogone Landfill Biodegradable Cling Wrap, Caterer’s Pack, BPA Free

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Biogone now has landfill-biodegradable cling wrap for restaurant and café use.

  • Food grade approved
  • Microwave Safe
  • BPA free
  • PVC free film
  • Made from polyethylene
  • Landfill Biodegradable ( bio-degradation in landfill by naturally occurring micro organisms)
  • Recyclable. As with all our landfill-biodegradable products, they can be recycled with other soft plastics. Our additive does not affect the recycling process.
  • Slider cutting mechanism for easy cut-off

Available in two common sizes:

  • 330 mm x 600 m
  • 450 mm x 600 m


Caterer’s Pack of landfill-biodegradable cling wrap for covering food, which is BPA free and PVC free.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 34 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm
Biogone Cling Wrap

330mm x 80m Box of 1, 330mm x 80m Ctn of 24, 330mm X 600m Box of 1, 330mm X 600m Ctn of 6, 450mm X 600m Box of 1, 450mm X 600m Carton of 6



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Biodegradable Cling Wrap Australia


Biodegradable cling wrap is gaining popularity in Australia and are becoming more widely used in commercial food settings such as restaurants and cafes.

Cling wrap (otherwise known as cling film, saran wrap, glad wrap, and even film wrap) serves as a convenient way to seal food and other items, with quick disposal after each usage. Biodegradable cling wrap from Biogone offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to the standard plastic wraps used in Australia. By making the switch to Biogone products, you’ll still reap the benefits of using disposable plastics, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Biogone’s biodegradable cling film comes in two convenient sizes: the smaller being 330 mm x 600 m, and the larger size in 450 mm x 600 m rolls.


Biogone’s biodegradable cling wraps and other products break down fully in landfills within a few years – not hundreds. Take advantage of our wide range of more eco-friendly plastic alternatives today! 


Biodegradable Plastic Wrap For Food


Our biodegradable plastic wraps are specially designed for food handling purposes and offer all the benefits of traditional plastic wraps, plus more. Biogone’s biodegradable cling wraps for food are BPA and PVC free, microwave safe, and food grade approved. Also, not only are our plastic wraps biodegradable and fully break down when disposed of in landfills, but they’re recyclable with other soft plastics as well (likewise with the rest of Biogone’s biodegradable product range).

Biogone’s biodegradable film wrap offers a convenient solution to storing food in a more environmentally friendly way, reducing pollution and other harmful effects of traditional plastic cling wraps.



For more information about our cling wrap and other biodegradable product range, call our friendly team today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.