Landfill-Biodegradable Disposable Gloves Black 100/box

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  • Super tough tear resistant. 
  • Nitrile gloves for high chemical resistance

Packed 100 gloves to a box.

Shop in bulk and save with purchasing cartons of 10 boxes

Ordering Details, By the Box

GE6112PFs  Box of 100 gloves, small

GE6112PFM Box of 100 gloves, medium

GE6112PFL Box of 100 gloves, large

$15.20 per box when 10 or more boxes is ordered


Disposable Nitrile gloves now made landfill-biodegradable. Nitrile rubber is more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids, and has superior strength. Nitrile gloves are therefore more puncture-resistant than natural rubber gloves, especially if the latter are degraded by exposure to chemicals. Nitrile rubber is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than natural rubber.

These gloves are very tough or tear resistant. There is no longer a need for putting on two pairs of gloves in the eventuality one of them tears.

These landfill-biodegradable gloves in a range of sizes from;





Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 24 × 10 cm

Large-Box of 100, Large-Carton of 10 Boxes, Medium-Box of 100, Medium-Carton of 10 Boxes, Small-Box of 100, Small-Carton of 10 Boxes, X Large-Box of 100, X Large-Carton of 10 Boxes


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