Mailing Satchels

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  • Landfill-biodegradable means they will biodegrade when disposed to a landfill
  • Boxes made from recycled cardboard
  • 3 convenient sizes for 1, 3 and 5 kg
  • Self-adhesive sealing back flap
  • Boxes of 100 satchels
  • Show your customers you care by using more environmentally responsible mailing satchels
  • No shelf life issues


Biogone shipping satchels are tough, 50 micron thick to hold your goods.  Self adhesive back flap makes it easy to seal.  With the big green microbe symbol on the front, your clients will immediately know this bag is different.  When disposed to a landfill, the plastic wrap will biodegrade and therefore not left for future generations to deal with AND it is recyclable in soft plastics collection bins.

3 Convenient Sizes available:

BGM2235  Shipping satchel, 22 x 35cm, up to 1kg, box of 100
BGM3145  Shipping satchel, 31 x 45cm, up to 3kg, box of 100
BGM4551  Shipping satchel, 45 x 51cm, up to 5kg, box of 100

For more information on the Mailing Satchels download brochure here.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 44 × 3 cm
Choose Pack

Mailing Satchel 1kg, Carton of 100, Mailing Satchel 3kg, Carton of 100, Mailing Satchel 5kg, Carton of 100



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