Hand Stretch Wrap Rolls – Clear

From: $20.40

Compare our stretch wrap and see why it is the best solution for your packing needs!

  • Competitive price
  • Let your customers know you care for the environment
  • Packed 4 rolls to a box
  • Roll of 400 m, 500 mm wide, 20 mic thick.
  • Fits standard hand stretch wrap frames
  • For more information on landfill biodegradable technology, click here.
  • Quantity discount available for orders of 40+ rolls
  • Show your customers you care by placing a stick-on label on your package to let people know you are using this responsible stretch wrap. Or download a template to print stickers yourself. Download template here. The template will fit on standard labels for Avery or similar, 64mm x 24.3mm , 33 Labels per A4 sheet.
  • Recyclable. As with all our landfill-biodegradable products, they can be recycled with other soft plastics. Our additive does not affect the recycling process.
$18.05 per roll when you order 20 or more


Part Number
BGSW400-1 ROLL Stretch Wrap, CLEAR, Hand Roll, Landfill Biodegradable, 50cm Wide x 400m Long, 20um
BGSW400 CARTON Stretch Wrap, CLEAR, 4 Hand Rolls, Landfill Biodegradable, 50cm Wide x 400m Long, 20um

Additional information

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 14 × 25 × 55 cm
Choose Rolls

Box of 4 rolls, Roll


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Biodegradable Stretch Wrap Australia


Biogone supplies high quality landfill-biodegradable stretch wraps made for use in a range of commercial settings in Australia. Use Biogone’s biodegradable plastic wrap for pallets to secure all your goods for transportation.

More and more customers in Australia are looking to support environmentally responsible businesses, and this is where Biogone can help. Biogone’s pallet plastic wrap can include stick on labels to show your customers that your business is making smart and sustainable packaging decisions. Alternatively, you can also print out sticker templates yourself according to your specifications.


Biogone’s landfill-biodegradable stretch wraps are the best solution for all your packaging and transportation needs! Shop our range at Biogone today.


Biodegradable Stretch Rolls For Packaging


Biogone’s biodegradable stretch rolls can be used to secure and wrap all types of packaging. Once used, you can easily dispose of our biodegradable stretch films in the bin, where it’ll completely break down in landfills over a few years, not hundreds.

Like with the rest of our landfill-biodegradable product range, our packaging stretch wraps are recyclable with other soft plastics. The additive we use doesn’t get in the way of the recycling process, so you can rest easy knowing you’re making the right choices for environmentally friendly packaging.


Biodegradable Pallet Wrap Australia


Without compromising on convenience or affordability, our biodegradable pallet wraps are superior alternatives to traditional pallet stretch wraps and films. Safely secure all your pallets, boxes, and other goods for easy transportation whilst making the right decisions for the environment. Buy high quality landfill-biodegradable pallet wraps and stretch wraps in Australia at Biogone today!



For more information about our biodegradable plastic pallet wraps and how it can benefit your business, call our team at Biogone and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with our product range to suit your needs.