Resealable Bags

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  • Resealable bags with green zip to identify them as landfill-biodegradable bags.
  • Strong zip seal to contain your items.
  • Bags can be reused and washed multiple times.
  • These resealable bags will be digested away by natural microorganisms after disposal to a landfill.
  • Recyclable. As with all our landfill-biodegradable products, they can be recycled with other soft plastics. Our additive does not affect the recycling process.
  • For more information on landfill biodegradable technology, click here.

Sizes available: 70mmx80mm, 100×185 mm, 150×220 mm,  220×300 mm and 280x380mm


Receive 7% discount when ordering 10 packs or more


Part Number
ZLS-070×080-1 Pkt 100, resealable bags, 70 x 80 mm, 80um, Landfill Biodegradable
ZLS-070×080 Ctn, resealable bags, 70 x 80 mm, Landfill Biodegradable -20 x Pkt 100
ZLS-100×185-1 Pkt 100, resealable bags, 100 x 185mm, Landfill Biodegradable
ZLS-150×225-1 Pkt 100, resealable bags, 150 x 225 mm,(6″x9″) Landfill-biodegradable
ZLS-225×300-1 Pkt 100, resealable bag, 225 x 300 mm, (9″x12″) Landfill biodegradable

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 2 cm
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210 x 250 pack of 100, 250 x 380 pack of 100, pack 50, 280mm x 380mm, carton, 10 x packs 50, 280mm x 380mm, 500 x 500 pack of 100, pack 100, 100mm x 185mm, carton, 50 x packs 100, 70mm x 80mm, pack 100, 70mm x 80mm, carton, 20 x packs 100, 150mm x 225mm, pack 100, 150mm x 225mm, carton, 10 x packs 100, 225mm x 300mm, pack 100, 225mm x 300mm



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Biodegradable Ziplock Plastic Bags Australia


For ziplock bags that are better for the environment, shop from none other than the leading suppliers of biodegradable goods at Biogone today. ziplock plastic bags, or otherwise known as snap lock bags, provide a more eco-friendly way to provide air-tight storage for food and other items.

At Biogone, we offer small biodegradable ziplock bags in the 70mm x 80mm through to large ziplock bags in 500mm x 500mm in size. Our ziplock bags can be used as sandwich bags and general food storage bags. If you’re looking for biodegradable ziplock freezer bags, we can confidently assure you our ziplock products can be safely used for both refrigerators and freezers alike.


Biogone’s biodegradable ziplock bags have been developed with a unique patented additive, allowing it to fully break down once disposed of in landfills. 


Recyclable ziplock Bag


Our biodegradable ziplock bags not only slowly biodegrade away naturally in landfills but they’re also recyclable with other soft plastics – as with the rest of our range of landfill-biodegradable products.


Our recyclable ziplock bags can be washed and reused several times to ensure you’re getting the best value out of your purchases. Whether you run a commercial food business, cafe, restaurant, or just would like to use more eco friendly ziplock bags for home use, Biogone supplies a wide range of biodegradable and recyclable ziplock bags in Australia.


Durable & Strong ziplock Bags


Biogone’s ziplock bags and other full range of products are reliable and more eco-friendly alternatives that don’t compromise on quality. This means we provide strong ziplock bags that are durable and have a long shelf life for your convenience. But once it’s disposed of in the recycling bin or landfill, you can be well assured that your ziplock bags will safely biodegrade away over time.



Shop biodegradable ziplock bags and other superior plastic alternatives at Biogone today!