The ‘recycling crisis’ may be here to stay – Australia
20th February 2019

Over the weekend, Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority issued notices for a major recycling company to stop receiving waste at two of its sites.

While the full consequences of these notices are yet to be realised, in the short term this means at least one council will have to dump kerbside recycling in landfill.

However, the piece of the loop that is missing is the encouragement (by levies or incentives), for businesses to use more recycled materials in their products.

It does not make sense to collect and stockpile recyclable materials until commodity prices are high enough to justify sorting them. This habit makes us dependent on overseas markets and creates domestic issues.

The largest portion of responsibility for waste management lies with the generator, but that is not to say others may not have a level of involvement. We all have some responsibility for the waste we create in our own homes, and how we dispose of it.

This is what makes BioGone so unique.   It will take many years to build any infrastructure to sort out recycling and get it to manufacturing plants.  it will also take many years to develop a manufacturing industry and a domestic market for products made from recycled materials.  If imported new materials are less cost then there is no driver to change this.   Governments are too scared to impose a plastics tax to bring in an incentive that will make industry change to other options.   This is where BioGone comes in as offering the best solution right now till the other factors above can be implemented.  BioGone has the only Landfill-biodegradable plastics product line available.

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