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With the increasing usage of disposable plastic items in our busy societies, there has arisen a large problem of how to dispose of these items.  Regular plastic will last for many 100’s of years resulting in a vast accumulation of plastic waste year after year.  Recognizing this and wanting to make a change to help solve this problem, Bio-Gone plastics offers common disposable plastic items that will fully biodegrade away over a few years in a landfill.

Bio-Gone’s biodegradable plastics will break down to organic material when disposed to a microbe rich environment such as a landfill or commercial compost facility. As discussed in this Choice magazine article, considerable confusion has been generated for consumers about biodegradable plastics.  Our plastics are called ‘landfill biodegradable’ as they will be completely consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms in either a landfill or in a commercial compost facility. Our biodegradable plastics can also be main stream recycled, plus they will not break down or fragment like other ‘degradable’ plastics before they are used.

For more information about biodegradable plastics, please see our ‘Biodegradable Plastic‘ information page;
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