Biodegradable Packaging

Our growing packaging range includes stretch film, pallet caps, packing tape, zip-lock bags, and self adhesive envelopes. All these products are landfill-biodegradable.

Biogone supplies high quality biodegradable packaging. Recognising the harmful effects that plastic waste has on the environment, we have developed a range of common plastic products that decompose when disposed in landfills. A patented additive in our products allows them to biodegrade to organic matter much faster than other types of plastic in microbe rich environments such as landfills. The additive we use also has no impact on the recycling process.

Show your customers that you are doing your part to make your business more plastic responsible. Our biodegradable packaging products include packing tape hand rolls, bundling wrap, self adhesive shipping envelopes, zip lock bags, and more. These offer a more eco friendly alternative to single use plastics. You can purchase biodegradable packaging supplies from our online store or get in touch if you need additional assistance.


Biogone supplies quality biodegradable packaging products from packing tape hand rolls to bundling wrap and more. Shop our online store today.


Biodegradable Packaging Suppliers


BioGone is one of the leading biodegradable packaging suppliers in Australia. If you are looking to reduce your plastic waste, we offer a range of common plastic products which are completely landfill biodegradable. Traditional plastic can take hundreds of years to fully break down.

Our products are made with a special additive that lets them biodegrade over a few years in a landfill. Help your business become more plastic responsible with our biodegradable packaging at Biogone. Our range includes packing tape, envelopes, zip lock bags, and more. Discounts are available for bulk purchases.


Show your customers that your business cares about the environment by choosing biodegradable packaging from Biogone.


Biodegradable Packaging Products


If you are looking for quality biodegradable packaging products, we have just what you need at competitive prices. BioGone supplies packing tape, zip lock bags, self adhesive shipping envelopes, pallet caps, and more – All are completely biodegradable when disposed in a microbe environment such as a landfill. Products like our stretch wrap rolls are designed to fit standard packing machines. Our biodegradable packaging supplies can be recycled with other soft plastics. We also offer discounts for quantity purchases.


Biodegradable Packaging Manufacturers


Biogone is the trusted name as one of the top biodegradable packaging suppliers in Australia. Biogone’s commitment to providing high quality plastic packaging alternatives and great customer service has helped us build a strong and trustworthy reputation in the industry.

We supply manufactured landfill-biodegradable packaging bags and other products such as landfill biodegradable packing tape, bin liners, gloves, and more.

Biogone also provides branded biodegradable packaging so that you’re able to clearly show your customers that your business is making more eco conscious choices to better protect our environment.


Alternative Warehouse Packaging Supplies


At Biogone, we make the switch to alternative warehouse packaging supplies convenient and simple. We have a wide range of commonly used landfill-biodegradable and home compostable packaging supplies such as gloves, bin liners and garbage bags, packing tape, wraps, zip lock bags, envelopes, and more.

For higher quantity orders, we can offer a discounted price for even better value. For landfill biodegradable packaging suppliers in Australia, Biogone can provide the best solutions for your business.


Biodegradable Shipping Supplies


At Biogone, you can choose from our range of landfill biodegradable shipping supplies such as shipping envelopes, pallet caps, mailing satchels, wrapping, bundling wrap, tape, and more. Our products are made to the highest quality to properly protect your goods whilst they’re being shipped from your warehouse to your customers.

Our shipping supplies at Biogone have a long shelf life and are durable up until they’re disposed of and sent to landfills. For landfill biodegradable shipping bags and other packaging materials for your business, simply browse our online store or give us a call if you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for!


Biodegradable Food Packaging


For landfill biodegradable food packaging in Australia, Biogone is the trusted name you can rely on. We provide a range of landfill biodegradable food packaging products for cafes, restaurants, catering businesses, hotels and other food handling industries.

We ensure our food packaging supplies meet your expectations and if needed, we’d be happy to work with any changes to the design to better fit your food handling and business needs.


Biogone can supply quality biodegradable packaging products for your business in Australia. Get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Biogone supplies quality biodegradable packaging products that are used across commercial and industrial applications. Our products are designed to fully break down into organic matter in landfills. Shop our online store or get in touch if you need additional help.