Landfill-Biodegradable Plastic Jars

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These wide mouth jars are made for fast filling and emptying. The 110 mm diameter top allows easy hand access to the inside of the jar. Ideal for a wide range of food dispensing and storage applications.

1.2 litre jar, 110 mm diameter, 136 m height, natural

The jar comes with a screw on white lid (non-biodegradable) with a tamper evident system to show if the lid has been removed once it has been installed the first time.

  • Landfill Biodegradable plastic jars
  • Screw on lid
  • These plastic jays will be completely eaten away by natural microorganisms after disposal to a landfill.
  • For more information on landfill biodegradable technology, click here.


Part Number
EWM1.2 Bottle, biodegradable 1.2L, 110mm neck, 136 mm high Lid is not biodegradable

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Carton of 100, Ea


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