Biodegradable Packaging For Businesses

Plastic is used to make everything from cutlery, coffee containers and pens, disposable cups, clothes, wrapping materials, vehicles parts, electronics and much more.

But there’s a downside to the benefits of traditional disposable plastics. Non-biodegradable plastic pollution fouls oceans and kills birds and sea life; it chokes landfills and takes centuries to disintegrate. However, Biogone has developed biodegradable packaging that breaks down in far less time in landfills, and also bags that can be composted at home.

The benefits of biodegradable packaging for businesses in Australia are manifold.

Biogone is a range of biodegradable packaging products developed by FieldTech Solutions, a business formed by eco-conscious pair, Ross and Ramona Headifen and John Mancarella. 

Advantages of Biodegradable Plastics

About 90 per cent of plastic packaging waste goes into landfill. That’s why Biogone has worked hard to develop biodegradable material with an additive that helps it break down in landfill, where it’s most needed.

One advantage to Biogone’s landfill-biodegradable products is that it will also biodegrade in a compost facility (though not in time frames as mandated by compostable standards).  The landfill-biodegradable range is also recyclable, which saves businesses money, and there’s no problem with shelf life since the packaging only biodegrades when exposed to landfill microbes. BioGone also supplies a line of home compostable products that are made from plant based materials.  These will biodegrade in a home compost or in a landfill. No special disposal facility is needed.

Today many businesses in Australia are adopting more sustainable practices in their operations. Such businesses and industries will greatly benefit from using Biogone products and packaging.

Biodegradable Plastic

Businesses Benefit By Keeping Customers Happy

The advantages of biodegradable food packaging in businesses are many. Such biodegradable material is generally allergy-free and non-toxic, which is important to many customers. Many more environmentally conscious shoppers now prefer to buy from a business that cares about plastic pollution and provides more eco-friendly biodegradable packaging.

For Businesses: Lighter Loads, More Storage Space

What a business’s packaging material weighs determines how much energy is used to produce a product, and the energy and space needed to ship to the end-user. Choosing lighter, biodegradable packaging can not only lower the business’s carbon footprint but save money.

Cut Business Costs

Business owners who invest in biodegradable material can significantly cut costs, use fewer resources, and recycle. By following this model, businesses will over time see reduced packaging expenses and can more freely allocate their funds in more profitable areas. Reusing biodegradable packaging that only degrades in landfill is now seen as not only more eco-friendly but a great marketing advantage.

Biogone is a biodegradable packaging supplier in Australia and has also provided landfill-biodegradable equipment to groundwater and contaminated land-related businesses in Australia for over 8  years.

Recyclable Plastics Mean More Convenient Disposal

By simplifying the way customers can dispose of biodegradable and recyclable packaging, businesses enhance their image as conscious of the need to deal with plastic pollution. Consumers have more options for discarding these packaging materials, and businesses can follow their ideal of making their products as convenient as possible from start to finish.

For instance, it adds to the value of a business’s product if customers can put their discarded home compostable packaging in their compost bin along with other compost-friendly materials.

Plant-Based Biodegradable Packaging Supplier Australia

Biogone, a plastic packaging supplier in Australia, supplies a range of products that are landfill-biodegradable or home compostable. The packaging benefits of Biogone products are many and include a range of high-quality plant-based biodegradable bags for use in the home.

The range includes home compostable bags, doggie bags and others made without fossil fuels. These bags biodegrade either in a home compost bin or in a landfill. Be aware though that Biogone home compostable plant-based biodegradable plastic products can’t be recycled. An independent laboratory has confirmed their biodegradable status.