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Plastic Bottles

Every very minute, a million plastic drinking bottles and 9 million single-use plastic bags are produced worldwide, contributing to the 300 million tonnes of plastic waste we generate each year. Much of this ends up in the environment, where it can persist for centuries.

In Australia as elsewhere, the realisation is now growing that we are living in a society filled with plastic. Most consumers and producers agree that we need to cut back on our production of plastic and to find better ways of managing our plastic waste.

Plastic waste is really difficult to deal with compared to other materials such as glass and metal because it is low density, low value and there are many technical hurdles to overcome.

For this reason, a lot of it ends up in landfills or discarded to become plastic pollution. Most of it never goes away, it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller particles which may then be swallowed by fish and other animals and find their way onto our dinner plates.

This is why Biogone is needed now.  It has one of the real solutions to the problem of soft plastic waste today.  we can make all plastic biodegrade way in a substantially shorter time than conventional plastics.