Source: Meet the researchers designing the death of plastic

While still very much in the laboratory stage, even these scientists acknowledge that there are two big stumbling blocks here.

  1. What is the plastic going to break down to when it degrades so fast?  Do we want all these degradation materials blowing and flowing around the environment?
  2. Getting the used materials back to the recycler is the hard and expensive part of any program to recycle.  Who collects and who pays for it to get back?  Who sets up the required infrastructure for this?

Until those get solved and it will be many years then, reuse, recycle and then use a Biogone type landfill recycle plastic is the best way to go to minimize the accumulation of plastic waste somewhere.   Even for plastics that are to be reused or recycled, they should all be made with the Biogone additive up front as inevitably they too will go to landfill after 2-3 more reuses.  For the small additional cost up front it would save so much work and cost later on.  Like a little insurance package.