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Plastic is undeniably a versatile material – it’s light, strong, and durable. It’s a material with numerous applications across a wide range of industries. But the exponential growth of plastic usage over the last few decades has had devastating consequences on the environment.

That’s because plastic isn’t biodegradable. It takes hundreds of years for plastic products to fully break down. That means a lot of the plastic that isn’t properly recycled ends up in landfills, which then finds its way into the oceans. Solutions to address plastic waste include reducing usage of single-use plastic and switching to eco-friendly alternatives.

Biogone offers a growing range of common disposable plastic items that are biodegradable. These use a patented additive, which enables them to decompose to organic material when disposed to a microbe rich environment like a landfill. Here we’ll look at the type of business or person who can benefit from using our products.

Biogone is an authority in the environment and more sustainable sector with an extensive selection of quality biodegradable plastic products.


Manufacturers Who Produce Products Then Package and Ship Them Out

Plastic is an ideal packaging choice. Its durability allows companies to easily package their products and store them. It’s also much more cost effective than other packaging materials like glass. If you’re a product manufacturer, you can drastically reduce your plastic usage by using more eco-friendly alternatives.

At Biogone, we offer an extensive selection of biodegradable packaging products. These include packing tape hand rolls, bundling wrap, hand stretch wrap rolls, and self adhesive shipping envelopes. Our products are fully biodegradable and recyclable. We also have biodegradable packaging stickers, so you can let your customers know that your company is taking efforts to reduce its impact on the environment.

Minimise your environmental impact by switching to our eco-friendly packaging products.


Biodegradable Package


Distributors Who Ship Out Their Products to Their Clients

Distributors are tasked with getting products from a manufacturer to their final destination where end users can purchase them. Examples can include retail outlets, storefronts, and grocery stores. However, distributors frequently rely on plastic packaging to protect the products they ship during transportation.

If you’re a distributor looking to switch to eco-friendly alternatives, we offer a selection of biodegradable plastic packaging, such as machine stretch wrap rolls, pallet caps, and sleeving. These are available at competitive prices and we give discounts for bulk orders.

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Food Producers Such as Wine or Cheese Makers

Another type of business that can benefit from using our products are food producers, such as a wine or cheese maker. Their goods need to be properly packaged, so they don’t get damaged during transport. However, getting goods like wine and cheese ready for transport typically involves heavy use of plastic packaging.

Our extensive selection of biodegradable plastic packaging products include machine stretch wrap rolls. Each roll is 1500 meters and designed to fit standing packaging machines. Bulk discounts are available for larger orders. These are fully landfill-biodegradable and the special additive we use does not affect the recycling process.


Let your customers know you care about the environment with our quality eco-friendly products.


Landfill Biodegradable Cling Wrap


Any General Consumer Who Looks After the Kitchen in Their House

As a general consumer, there’s a lot you can do to reduce your plastic footprint. Some examples include bringing your own reusable bags whenever you go shopping and reducing your usage of single-use plastics. Others include switching common plastic products in your home to more eco-friendly options.

We have a wide selection of more environmentally products that are perfect for the general consumer, such as biodegradable kitchen waste bags, bin liners, Ziplock bags, and cling wrap – all of which are fully landfill biodegradable.


Reduce your plastic footprint with our range of biodegradable products that are perfect for the average consumer.


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